There are some parents who never get to see their child, and already had to make “funeral arrangement” for the young infant spirit.

Two days ago, I received a PM in the morning from a lady reader whom I had never met. She told me how her 6-week-old embryo had left her. She watched my old FB Live on abortion and miscarriage, and wanted to know how she could register for deliverance for her baby spirit.

My gentle reminder to everyone: Do not place excessive crystals and auspicious Feng Shui ornaments in your home. These can affect the chances of a healthy pregnancy, and also spoil the relations between the parents and their children.

While such objects may be able to bring in wealth, they will also obstruct the luck of having descendants. When placed in the wrong sector at home, you end up losing both money and your children.

I have also seen such cases: as the careers and wealth of the couple improve, their children woes also escalate e.g. disobedient behaviour, poor academic results, deteriorating health, unhealthy addictions etc.

A good quality Feng Shui audit requires putting together the Bazi of all the family members, with the home Feng Shui, so as to reach the most effective and efficient solutions, that do not compromise on anyone in the household.

Buying something randomly and placing it in the so-called auspicious location is not going to help you prosper like mad. Hence, do not ever recklessly recommend such objects to others.

If your Bazi is not up to it, or the person who advises you does not have sufficient merits and virtues to “transfer” to you, then the “wealth” that you gain has to be compensated by something else in your Destiny, so as to fulfil the Law of Karma.

This is why a competent Feng Shui practitioner is definitely one who cultivates him/herself well, and put in his/her best effort to ensure the safety, peace and continuous inflow of wealth for your family. Such is our professional ethic to uphold, and not to drool at the sight of money, disregarding the safety of our clients’ family luck.

Qing Ming Festival is just round the corner. Many of us would be praying to our ancestors. Some will seek the blessings of our ancestors. But think about it, if your ancestor did not accumulate much virtuous deeds while alive, and suffered immensely due to sickness before his/her death, how likely is he/her be able to have greater powers to bless the entire family clan, just because he/she became a ghost?

The reality that I see is that many ancestors are having a hard time themselves in the netherworld. When their descendants do not continuously register for bardo deliverance for them, to eradicate their negative karma and increase their good fortune, both the descendants and ancestors have a hard time in their respective worlds.

By the way, I do not advocate consuming foods and drinks that have been offered to the ancestors. This goes out to ESPECIALLY pregnant ladies. Because ancestors belong to the Yin realm, while we living beings are in the Yang realm. Consuming their food will introduce excessive Yin ghostly qi in our bodies, destroying our Yang energy.

Whether the baby is lost through abortion or miscarriage, the mother should still do a short confinement to nurse her body back to better health. Apart from registering for bardo deliverance, the parents should also enshrine a tablet for the baby spirit at the temple, and cultivate repentance practice.

If you wish to:

❤️ demonstrate filial piety and help your ancestors be reborn in a better realm,
🤒 help your sickly family member to seek blessings and deliver his/her karmic creditors,
👶🏻 register for bardo deliverance for your aborted/miscarriaged child,
❤️ resolve the debt of enmity between you and your karmic creditors and sign them up for bardo deliverance,

I strongly recommend that you can register for this Saturday’s, 30 March 2019, Qing Ming Bardo Deliverance Pure Land Trinity Homa Ceremony, presided by my Root Guru, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-Sheng.

The Pure Land Trinity, otherwise known as the The Three Saints of the West, comprised of the leader Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara (Guan Shi Yin) Bodhisattva on His left who holds a purification vase and willow leaves, and Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva on His right who holds lotus bud.

When you can recite the name of Amitabha Buddha single-mindedly, as you pass on, you will see The Three Saints of the West and the entourage of sages appearing to welcome you with your lotus throne. You will then be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Paradise.

If you cannot do it, as you die, you will see your ghostly ancestors throwing a welcome party for you, as well the Ox-Head and Horse-Face Hell Guards, and the Black and White Impermanence deities coming for you. At this time, you can only rely on the supreme transcendental powers of an accomplished cultivator to deliver the dead.

Why do I have faith that Living Buddha Lian-Sheng can help you? Because I have personally experienced it myself. The story of my family, my ancestors and myself is written in this FB article:

To register for this Saturday 3pm, Qing Ming Bardo Deliverance The Three Saints of the West Homa Ceremony, please register an account online at the website of Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, and use the online registration system to sign up for the Homa Ceremony:

💻 Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple website: ➡️
📩 Online Homa Registration URL ➡️
📩 Guide to Online Registration ➡️

(The deadline for online application for every Saturday’s Homa Ceremony is till Friday 5pm. After which, you will have to email the temple with the downloaded forms.)

Registration for ancestors:
Name of the deceased or 李(your surname)氏歷代祖先。

Registration for fetal spirits:
XXX (name of Mother)之水子靈,
Address would be either the tablet temple address or the mother’s residential address.

The donation amount for Homa Ceremony registration is entirely your choice. But in my humble opinion, if you are too stingy to your ancestors, they may very well appear in your dreams to give you a good spanking. 😄

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