Bazi Analysis for Children

Many parents tell me that their children are their greatest achievements this lifetime.

Yet, most of the time, when I look at their children’s Bazi, I wonder why the same person who proclaim such great love would shortchange their precious creations.

Some parents tell me that they leave their child’s destiny in the hands of God.

Let me tell you this, my friend, God’s plan is intricately embedded in your child’s Bazi. Did you bother to read and comprehend it?

If you desire a good plan for your child, how much have you done for him before he was born?

We reap what we sow.

No matter what religion you are from.

You are not going to get a sweet watermelon, when you plant the seed of a bitter gourd.

If you leave things to chance, thinking that you will be lucky to have a child with a good Bazi, my question is why you?

You want to ace an exam, you got to work for it.

You want to be a master of a skill, you invest in the hours.

You envision your children having a great fate this lifetime, you need to put in the great karma work beforehand.

I see the word “HUSTLE” constantly used by people, who pour in the hours of effort to make big money in their businesses.

Many, I know, do it for their families.

It is almost like a badge of honour that people wear to show their focus and dedication.

Yet very few people hustle for the greater destinies of their children.

That is like putting the cart before the horse.

The human race has always been known for its tenacity.

No one should ever bow down to his or her fate and live the rest of his or life in pessimism.

That has been the driving force behind Chinese Metaphysics.

Changing your fate. Rewriting your destiny.

Getting a second shot at Life if you missed the bull eye by mistake.

Staying optimistic.

There isn’t the most perfect Bazi in the world.

Come on, guys, this is the mortal realm, imperfection is the norm.

Even our faces can’t be symmetrical the au naturel way.

But what we wish to achieve is to bring out the fullest potential there is in every Bazi, and cut short the route to life success.

By using EVERY single tool there is in Chinese Metaphysics.

That is only possible when you know in advance the potholes ahead and the latent strengths and weaknesses in your child’s life map.

Can that be done easily? Only if you manage to get a good Master who is willing to shoulder the negative karma for you.

A good Bazi belongs to a child with good fortune. Such good fortune of the parents and the child comes from past lifetimes of generous giving, filial piety, honesty, virtuous thoughts and acts, integrity and good moral conduct etc.

Or if the parents have a great Master, guiding them how to conceive a child of good Bazi beforehand.

When the Bazi is less than ideal, there are 3 main ways of getting around it:

1. A good name to balance the elemental deficiencies in the Bazi.

Every time the child is called by his name, it is a verbal blessing that immediately empowers the child’s Bazi, silently changing the course of his fate for the better.

2. Understand the child’s Bazi to avoid the pitfalls and set on a forumulated Life Path to success & happiness early in life.

When the parent knows the favourable and unfavourable elements of a child, parenting will take on a more fulfilling dimension with the blinkers removed this time.

Not every child has a strong Bazi.

Much as we know our children should experience setbacks in life to be more resilient, we also need to realise that not all children are made equal.

What is nothing to one child, may be taken very seriously by another.

Just see the rising statistics of teen suicides and counselling needed.

I have seen children as young as 9 years old who think life is meaningless and are contemplating to end their lives.

If you know the characteristics of your child’s Bazi early, your kids are going to have a much happier time growing up and set on their success path earlier than their peers.

More joy and clarity, less depression and stress.

Because you, the parent, equip the child with the right elements very early in his/her life.

3. Gifting the child a home of good Feng Shui

We are microorganisms living in this big world called the Universe.

Our ancestors have long recognised the amazing force, that we should ALL tap on to give our Bazi that extra push towards success in life.

And that is the powerful energies of the land and our living environment.

Thousands of lives have been changed and destinies rewritten successfully, because they found the Master who knows the way to unlock the Universe’s energy to greater and more meaningful living.

A child that grows up in a home of good Feng Shui will sleep better, have better physical and mental health, be able to achieve greater academic success, be less of a “monster” to his parents (or maybe even not at all), has a good temperament, be responsible and so much more…

Even the parents will be less naggy and quarrelsome when the home is of good Feng Shui.

(Suddenly remembered how much my mother nags and scolds my sister and I, in our old homes of lousy Feng Shui…)

We may not be able to change the configurations of your child’s Bazi, after he or she is born.

But there is still a lot more we can work on to help your child have an easier time, navigating through this unpredictable journey of life, like the 3 steps I shared above.

A happy, wise and confident child is a product of a happy family.

And a happy family starts with parents who are happy, wise and confident themselves.

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning. For he is born in another time.” A quote by Rabindranath Tagore.

If you are with me on the same wavelength, wanting to do more for your children, so that they don’t have to experience the same downfalls as us, but instead have greater achievements in life, find out how now!

On your child’s behalf, I thank you for having the same passion and foresight as me to endow your masterpiece with a future of clarity and auspiciousness. 😀

The earlier you start on this path, the better life will turn out for your mini-me.

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A Bazi analysis will help you recognize many blind spots and the best options in your life path.

During the session, I will look at your child’s life chart and analyse his/her temperament, ups and downs, luck periods and other life issues like:

  • Education
  • Talents
  • Health
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Family
  • Wealth
  • Possible benefactors
  • Possible obstacles

And the life path the child should embark on and how he/she can get to it in the fastest way possible.

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Thank you for your interest in my services. I look forward to helping you on your parenting journey. Onwards to a more fulfilling and loving relationship between you and your child!

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