Take Control of Your Future

You only live once. Don’t mess it all up.

A person who doesn’t know his destiny, is like a person who walks blindly in the dark. You don’t know when you would fall into a manhole, and when you do, you can’t find your way out no matter how hard you try.

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My biggest break(down) came when I had $0.60 in my DBS account, back in 2012.

That was my total cash assets.

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I was a NUS business graduate and a former Singapore Girl. I also ran two businesses.

And…wait for this…I had been studying Chinese Metaphysics under a very skilful and experienced Master for 6 years then.

With all these credentials, I singlehandedly got myself into a financial quicksand and became the biggest idiot I ever known.

Isn’t Feng Shui a thing that can help people be richer? *boo*

I hated myself so much, that for a very long time, I could not bear to look at myself in the mirror.

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You know how we measure our success with vanity metrics?

Like how much money we have, how fancy our big homes are, how loving our spouses are, how smart our children are, how wonderful our career is and how many countries we have holidayed in.

When we catch up with our friends, while we whine about how life isn’t going that well for us, we secretly hope we are not the worst-off in the clique. God forbids. Long checklist aside, we also have this giant alarm clock inbuilt in us.

If we do not accomplish what everyone did by a certain age, we mark ourselves as a FAILURE.

Hi, I’m Master Lee Ji Qian.

Hi, I’m master
Lee Ji Qian.

By the way our society measures us, I am a veteran failure in more ways I would love to admit.

When I hit 35, I had no career, no savings, no self confidence, and a marriage that was breaking down.

My husband and I were $180,000 in debts, because of my failed businesses and the husband got scammed.

Gosh, I still feel the pain even as I’m writing this so many years later.

It took me 3 years to dig ourselves out of the rathole. I spent a good two years moping around. I prayed incessantly, begging for some Midas-touch kind of miracle. #reallydesperate Without realising I have the solution in me all along.

Guess what?

One day, things just clicked. I FINALLY took action with all the Chinese Metaphysics knowledge I painstakingly learnt from Shifu for the past 11 years.

When I started seeing transformations in my own life, my first thought was wow, why did I take so long to use Chinese Metaphysics on myself?

Second thought, if I can help myself with this, surely I can help others in similar predicaments.

People like you who wonder how to get out of the mistakes you made and lead a more fulfilling life!

I started to do one-on-one consultations. Because workshops are a great way to reach out to more people, I also held 8 small-scale workshops for over 60 participants from all walks of life, since June 2016.

These few weeks my thoughts have been really energised with positivity… I feel like I’ve changed a lot in the past few months (for the better)…thanks for making it painful enough for me to take action and improve my lot in life!
Tony Tong

You are indeed an unique individual and not because you are good at what you are doing; but your sincere and frank advice won me over. 👍 😉
Jean Tan

Ever since I took your advice, I have two job recommendations from people, both teaching. One offer is to go Thailand and the other is local. In fact, my mum feels slightly better after I clean the kitchen…
Louise Choy

What I Can Do For You

It can be scary to figure everything out all on your own. You don’t know what you don’t know. You want so badly to succeed in your life, yet you are unsure how to make it happen. You might even doubt your own judgement and wonder who you can ask for advice.

I have been there and I know that uneasy feeling. That feeling of having dreams yet being lost.

Your Bazi is Your Most Valuable Tool to a Greater Life.

Your home plays the next biggest influence on your future.

To get you to your place of abundance and fulfilment, I’m here to guide you to understand your own Bazi and take control of your future.

Your Bazi is your customised blueprint to Life. Unlock the secret codes and you will gain rare insights into your destiny.

Times when I was down in the dumps, I had made decisions that were against my Bazi needs and lived in homes of lousy Feng Shui.

Times when I am doing well like now, I made decisions that leveraged on the strengths of my Bazi and I stayed in homes that can manifest abundance and happiness.

In short, I get on the fast track to success when I know better what works for me.

I want the same to happen to you. To be able to have power over your future. And not make the same mistakes I once did.

I did as I was told. Shift the things in the house. Oh my! Next day things start to change. Instantly! I’m not joking! I’m so blessed to meet you!
Rahimah Abdul

Here’s my first life-changing advice to you:

Sign up below for my free video course on 3 Instant Steps to Better Home Feng Shui. These contain tried-and-tested methodologies I imparted at my paid workshops.

If you find them real useful, check out my consultation services, and see if we are a good fit to help you improve your life.

Thank you for reading and congratulations to taking the first baby step to helping yourself & your family!

李季謙師父 Master Lee Ji Qian

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