What is the most basic condition to transform your Destiny?

My experience tells me that you must first have expectations of your own life.

Then, you need to ask yourself how much work you are willing to put in to actualise those expectations.

If your attitude towards your own destiny is wrong right at the beginning, this whole chess of Life is gonna be a mess, no matter how many Masters you consulted.

No Bazi is perfect, but what is most fearful is mixing with the “wrong” company or following the herd.

Say you wish to do something, but your family doesn’t like it, your partner isn’t supportive, and your friends are doubtful of you. What are you gonna do?

Raise the bar or lower your expectations of Life?

If you do the latter, to please the people around you, are you winning or losing?

Frankly speaking, humans are selfish. If your loved ones have a different expectation of life, he or she may not wish to lend you a helping hand or shoulder to cry on, as you pursue what you need to change your destiny.

Be it my male or female clients, I have witnessed how their family and friends became that obstructing boulder in their lives. Or worse, that persistent grain of sand in their shoes that they can never throw out. And the further they trek, the more discomfort and guilt they will feel.

Before you come and seek my services, this is something you got to figure out for yourself. Who are you actually living for? You know I take my job very seriously. It’s not Play-Doh time when you and I go through your Bazi analysis. It is the starting point of you taking more responsibility for your own life.

Come to think of it, having lived to my age (if I had been diligent, I would have been the mother hen to a brood of kids), I have never seen a very happy person, who is happy because he/she lived for others.

Some people think that being ordinary is also happiness. But please do not confuse “being ordinary” as “losing yourself”.

I believe in the Law of Attraction. When you have expectations of your own life and are willing to work for it, overtime you will attract the resources that you need to make things happen for you. And that includes me, darling.

I like this quote of Molly, “When the environment in front of you is merely a desert, you must become your own oasis.”

After you put in the due effort, you will be marvelling at how you nearly missed out on yourself.

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