1) 🧧

In this one year, I have received much love and care from all of you and sometimes even little presents. But when it comes to my fees in the red packet, I never take more than what I should.

My Bazi consultation fee is S$488. From time to time, some clients will stuff a bit more and round it up to $500, saying that it’s a token of their appreciation.

How can I be only worth $12 more??? *Shocked 🤯😂

Once there was also a Feng Shui client who gave me a separate red packet of S$100+. I count every red packet and will return the extra to you, because I only take what I should. Similarly, if you give me one cent less, you bet I will chase you for it. 😂

2) 🍵

I do not have an office so I usually meet my clients outside.

Singapore law currently stipulates that we must all wear masks once we are out of our homes. At F&B establishments, we can only remove our masks when we are eating/drinking ie. there are food/drinks on our table.

All along, I do face-reading for clients, as part of my Bazi consultation. Hence, I would need you to remove your mask so that I can read more accurately.

However we must abide by the law, thus please place a food/drink order once you are seated.

Some clients are thrifty by nature and only consumes the free water provided by the restaurant, or say that they have just eaten.

Think over this: if we use the facilities of a place for 1-2 hours, to spend a bit of money is very fair enough. Otherwise, we are just taking advantage of other people, and that is equivalent to committing the sin of stealing.

It’s hard to do business. Put yourself in the shoes of the business owner: would you like it if there are freeloaders taking up space in your restaurant for a few hours, enjoying the free air-con and not spending a single cent?

I’m a simple person and don’t like waste too much time explaining. If you are adamant about not placing any order, then I will not proceed with the consultation because I cannot be aiding a sin. 🙃

3) 💵

I often meet friendly clients who wish to pay for my bill. There are also clients who made donations under my name, as a way to thank me for my help. Either that or they are hoping that I won’t die early with more merits under my karma belt. 😂

Thank you so much. I really do feel the love and care you have for me. 🥰

I still have enough money to spend so I can pay for myself. I make it a point to do meritorious acts every day and am diligently gathering good fortune too. 😁
Filial piety is the most important of all virtues. So please donate under your parents’ names instead. They will need it more than me.

4) 🏃🏻‍♀💨️🏃🏻‍♂️💨

I see a few clients in a day when I do Bazi consultations.

For my clients who are next in line, it’s easier for you to recognise me than the other way round. So please wait within 3-4 meters from where I am seated.

I’m not Fei Yu Ching. If you stand Faaaaaaraway, or behind a few walls and pillars, my eyes just can’t see you.

Back in my schooling days, I’m especially quick to pack my bag when the class dismissal bell rings. If I can’t see anyone, I will assume you pull a no-show, and run off gleefully before you can say Abracadabra, thinking that I can knock off early. 😁

The crux of destiny transformation is in your speed and action. The essence of life is in your youth.

Like what my reader Danny Sew commented: if you wish to beckon more benefactors, then stand at the place where benefactors can see you.

Once the client I’m meeting leaves, please storm in to take your seat. Don’t wait for me to send out an entourage to invite you, and watch you slowly sashay a thousand miles to my table.

If I have to spend time hunting for you hiding in the shadows, and you aren’t any faster than my pet tortoise, this will eat into your consultation time. Alas! Your Destiny can then only be changed in the year of the Donkey.

(There isn’t any Hee Haw in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, and that means never are you going to be able to change your destiny.)

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