This male client had a Bazi consultation with me in last September in 2020.

At that time, he was asking about his career development.

Later on, he mentioned that his wife was already 6 months pregnant. However, despite several ultrasounds, they couldn’t see complete five fingers on the baby’s hand.

The doctor told them to be mentally prepared that their baby when born may have only four fingers on his hand.

I was shocked when I heard it. I asked for his wife’s birthday and explained why the combination of their Bazi would cause such an issue. I gave him some solutions and hoped that he would heed my words.

After the consultation ended, I kept thinking of this issue. I examined the couple’s Bazi back home. 3 more months before the baby is due, there is still time to turn the tide around.

In the 12 years I learnt under Shifu, I vaguely remembered he once resolved a similar problem with Feng Shui.

I gave Shifu a call one night and sought his teaching. Shifu compassionately taught me again what he did for his client, and reminded me the foods that the wife must avoid.

When you wish to transform your destiny, you must know how to gather the trinity powers of the Heaven, Earth and Human, and the result will be faster and more obvious.

A few days later, I wrote an email to the male client and gave him three things to do to help his baby:
1. Heavenly Time
Based on the client’s wife Bazi, I listed which foods his wife must avoid in the remaining three months.

2. Land Advantage
In a particular sector of their home, choose an auspicious date & time to put up a poster of a baby boy. I laid down clearly the characteristics of baby in the poster and the conditions of the sector.
I wrote in bold “Get this done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

3. Human Harmony
From now till the child’s birth, the client and his wife should each recite 108 times daily “南無地藏王菩薩” and dedicate the merits to their son: May my son be born healthy physically and emotionally, and able-bodied.

In my experience, some clients are more temperamental when it comes to living their lives. Thus to rely on their Heavenly Time to change their destiny, it is hard to achieve desirable results with poor self-discipline and perseverance.

To rely on Human Harmony, if the client is lazy at times and diligent at others, or easily doubtful and hesitant, whatever effort also come to a naught.

But the only factor that can work in such times will be Land Advantage. As long as the client is willing to make a change once, and does not alter the Feng Shui after that, the power to transform his destiny will arise.

On Jan 7, 2021, the male client wrote a short email to thank Shifu and I, and said that things looked okay with his newborn.

His thank-you email was just like his persona in real-life – woody and reserved. 😄

Yet because the client was not expressive, it is even more surprising to get an email with many thank-you. I asked which of the 3 recommendations he took up, and he replied he did all 3. I told him to give Shifu a call to thank him personally. Firstly, out of sincerity. Secondly, this wasn’t all due to my effort.

If getting a Bazi read can result into a healthy baby born, what a great value! 😄 This deserves a celebration! 🎉


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