Recently I did a Bazi consultation online for a Malaysian male client. We spoke about a lot of issues, from his marriage, family, career direction to his personal problems etc.

That night, he thought over a lot and wrote a 2-page letter to me.

I read it repeatedly and I only have this to say: It isn’t Destiny that is difficult to change. It is the habits of Man that is tough to overcome.

When you are greedy for something, you get bounded by that thing.

If you are unable to untie yourself from it, then you lose the freedom to choose your own life.

You lose the self-control to your life, because you are dictated by your desires.

I study destinies.

I start out with the intention to give my professional advice, so that you can walk on the life path to happiness and brightness steadily.

I can see the future that you cannot see. So I tell you about it in advance.

You are chained to your desires, because you see them as real things. So you become a slave to your desires, as they slowly devour and torment you. You pay for it with your good fortune in life.

Ironically, no matter how hard you try to satisfy your desires, you never really own them.

If you cannot see through the illusory nature of desires, you lose yourself, you lose the life that you can be proud of.

It will never be worth it, my friend.

Writing and producing videos behind the scenes is a very lonely journey. It is rare that a client notices it, and give me such a detailed analysis. Thank you for his praises.

I’m putting the first half of the letter here, so that there is something to cheer myself up during these lockdown days. 😁🥳

Translation of client’s letter:

Amitabha, hello Teacher Ji Qian.

Firstly, I am truly grateful that you are willing to spend so much time on me. This is already beyond your service time scope. You also helped to analyse my wife’s Bazi, and explained to me the origin of the problems between my wife and I and the way of resolution. All these are extra service. Thank you. I deeply appreciate this.

Here, I have some thoughts I would like to share with you.

During this period, I see that your reading and replying of messages tend to be during 1-2am, 5-6am in the morning. I can tell how busy you are.

Yet despite your busyness, you still put in so much effort to do your videos, patiently teaching and advising people. This is what I admire about you.

Among the many Feng Shui practitioners, I think this is very rare. In your many videos, you spoke many times about the relationships between abstinence from sexual misdeeds, filial piety, wealth and career, and the importance of virtuous conduct. This is what other Feng Shui practitioners do not talk about (at least there is no mention on their websites, because they mainly focus on Feng Shui wealth decor).

So I feel you truly can help people, and guide your clients to change their luck from the root.

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