I answered some questions from my audience today. These are questions that I have answered before, so I’m putting them up here for more to read.

1) Q: To find my Heaven’s mandate

A: We come to this Samsara world because we have karmic obstacles.

If you realise this truth, then you should cultivate spiritually to have control over your life and death, and free yourself from sufferings to attain happiness.

And not involuntary reincarnate and repeat a similar fate again and again, with nothing within your control.

If you do not have any wish to do anything for the sentient beings of the Six Realms, and have yet to develop a heart of renunciation, then perhaps what you wish to know isn’t your mandate of the Heaven, but your Destiny.

2) Q: Hi Master Lee,

I have a question after watching a few of your videos on Youtube. Are you able to tell one’s past life based on Bazi reading ? If yes, why is it important to know one’s past life ?

Kindly advice.

A: Thank you for watching my videos.

Let’s answer your second question.

Whether or not I can read your past life, knowing your past life is not important.

Reason being, given your age, you will already have an inkling of how much good or bad you did in your previous lives, by doing an honest assessment of your current life.

Karma, be it good or bad, will run out eventually.

You don’t need me to tell you what happened in your past.

You only need to know what to do now to be better, more virtuous, and not get stuck in past memories.

(We cannot change what happened in the past. But we can always fight for a brighter future when time is still on our side.)

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