This is from a local female client whom I met via Zoom in August this year. She has been troubled by thyroid and uterus issues all these years. Despite seeing so many doctors and specialists, and taking numerous types of medicine, her conditions did not improved. Endometriosis and enlargement of the uterus continued to frustrate her. My client would be in bed due to severe pain during her menstruation period.
Suffering from hormonal imbalance due to work stress and her female health issues, she would often lose her temper in front of her daughter, especially over the child’s academic matters. This has severely damaged the mother-child relationship.
She wrote this email to me share some good news, as well as to request for a follow-up consultation in bid to improve her relationship with her child.
Three years ago, as a result of working late nights and irregular meals, I got myself into some female health issues. My menses persisted for over 60 days.
The bleeding finally stopped after taking hormone medication. The doctor said I was lucky to escape blood transfusion. Credit goes to my Master, Master Dai Hu, for coming to my aid. His persistent reminders on my daily food intake saved me from losing too much blood. During that time, I did not appear ashen nor feel light-headed.
The 4 polyps in my uterus was “removed” not by the doctor, but by my cultivation of the Four Preliminaries Practice imparted by my Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng. I completed this Practice 200 times, and those polyps and excess uterus linings were ejected naturally by my body.
I should have requested for another ultrasound to validate this phenomena, but I placed the wrong trust in the doctor and had to went through the ordeal of an operation. After the operation, the doctor came to congratulate me that there was no polyp in my uterus!
This was laughable. Didn’t you not believe me when I told you what happened?
Watching her strutting into my room in her high heels and with her Hermes bag, the whole thing seemed like a sick joke to me. To further rub it in, Master Dai Hu already told me prior that there was no need go for the operation and advised me against it. But I chose to trust a total stranger.
See a doctor if you are sick. This advice is logical.
But there are many ailments that cannot be eliminated by western medicine. Going on long-term medication only means long-term slippage of wealth.
Every one of us has missing “nutrients” in our Bazi, thereby triggering problems affecting our health, career, wealth, family, temperament and character.
Simply put, you only need to know how to replenish those missing “nutrients” and all your problems will take a turn for the better.
But the question is, do you have the perseverance to execute this simple solution?
Invisible karmic forces invariably influence our thinking and mindset.
Lower karmic hindrance + High wisdom = You will go on the correct path with minimal resistance.
I received an email from a male client from Shanghai. He confessed that he did not follow my advice, and honestly admitted that he was lazy.
I thought to myself, between male and female clients, very often the ladies are more concerned about their children.
“You said you loved your child, then please don’t create trouble for them. If you don’t want to change your life when you are young, nobody can save you when your aging body becomes saddled with sickness. When that time comes, not only will you be deprived of the joys from your descendants, you will also burden your children with the chores and expenses of taking care of your medical needs. If you love them, do what I told you to. You will never know if my advice works if you choose inaction. And you are telling me you came to me because you have full faith in me? That would be a contradictory slap on your mouth.”
Giving your child a mother with good physical, emotional and mental health is also our responsibility, isn’t it?

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