I did a book giveaway through my video last Monday. After contacting the winners last weekend, I headed to Kinokuniya at Orchard Road.
I gave away the books authored by my Grandmaster, Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, Sheng-Yen Lu, which I had previously recommended in my videos:
125 不可思議的靈異
126 神變的遊歷
127 靈異的真面目
129 走入最隱祕的陰陽界
129 Entering the Most Hidden Yin-Yang Realm
163 度過生死的大海
163 Crossing the Ocean of Life and Death
The Chinese and English titles added up to seven books. I gave away 14 books all together, one set for my Facebook page audience, and the other for my YouTube viewers.
I bought the English books from Singapore TBBOYEH and intended to purchase the Chinese books from Kinokuniya. But to my surprise, the Chinese title of Crossing the Ocean Of Life and Death was wiped out clean from the bookstore!
You guys acted so fast! Fortunately Siang Qing at Fu Lu Shou Complex still had them in stock. This precious book was also the most requested title by participants of the book giveaway.
All the parcels had been mailed out. Winners came from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Parcels of overseas winners were sent via registered mail for ease of tracking. I did not remove the Kinokuniya price tags, as I was concerned that I would not do a clean job and leave a mushy sticky residue. The price is public information anyway, so I hope the winners do not mind.
Thank you to the 300+ viewers from Facebook and YouTube, who took part in the giveaway. It took me two days to read through the comments and choose the 14 winners. There were some who did not reply to me within the timeframe, thus I had to choose other winners.
I often received questions from many people on how to eradicate negative karma, but rarely do I get asked on how not to sow seeds of bad karma.
This is asking your doctor, what and how much medicine you should eat to cure your sickness. Yet you never ask your doctor how not to fall sick and be healthy always.
Do you really want to end up eating medicine your whole life and be a walking pill bottle?
As illustrated in the Wheel of Six Realms of Reincarnation, there are three animals in the centre – the rooster, the snake and the pig. They represent the greed, hatred and ignorance in our minds.
We commit sins through the body, speech and mind, because of our greed, hatred and ignorance. The severity of our sins and the amount of our good fortune then determine which realm we will be reincarnated in for our every life.
There are six realms in the Wheel of Reincarnation:
• Heaven Realm
• Asura Realm
• Human Realm
• Animal Realm
• Hungry Ghosts Realm
• Hell Realm
In my opinion, within this human realm, there are micro divisions into the Six Realms.
There are people who never have a chance to enjoy life. They have a lowly class status and busied their entire lives away, sloughing day in day out, as if they are animals in the human realm.
And there are people who check in and out of the hospital, eating medicine for food, getting themselves opened up during surgery, using a wheelchair to move around, wearing diapers as pants…etc. Life is a living hell for the sickly.
Yet on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who do not have work a single day in their lives. They get to wear what they wish, and eat what they want. Life is blissful, as if they are living in the heavens.
This stark inequality we see is the result of the difference in their respective karma.
There was once a client who sighed that it was hard not to commit negative karma in this mortal realm.
That is why we need to have wisdom. We can only have the right view in life when we have the former, and not follow the herd blindly to commit a sin, just because others are doing so.
When I took refuge 16 years ago, I had this good fortune to receive over 100 books by Grandmaster Lu. I lost track of time and forget my meals and sleep, poring over the books day and night. Perhaps that was a sign that one day, I would be stepping on the no-return path of propagating Buddhadharma.
To pay it forward, I told myself that one day, I would want to give prajna wisdom to others when I had the resources.
With prajna wisdom, your heart will be free from fear and away from delusions.
With prajna wisdom, you will be bestowed with a pair of invisible wings that will take you to the pristine Pureland.
The mortal world is a filthy place of the Five Turbidites and you should not be lingering here. Greed, hatred and ignorance form the roots for the Six Realms of Reincarnation. When you can eliminate these three poisons, you will no longer have afflictions and the Six Realms of Reincarnation will cease to exist for you.
May every reader of Grandmaster Lu’s book be able to unshackle themselves from the muddy mess of Greed, Hatred and Ignorance, and transform into a pure, dignified fat lotus.
That’s right! Be a fat and huge lotus! So that we can carry more sentient beings with us, leaving this land of filth and flying directly to the Pureland!
❤️ Wishing all readers multitude of benefits, as you read the book 📖

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