Ignorance and avarice are usually the origin of more bad happenings.

In a disaster, we always have two choices – to accumulate merits or form more negative karma.

Doing virtuous deeds accumulate blessedness and virtues for yourself. These will shower you with blessings and benefactors show up prominently to help tide you and your family through tough times.

Negative karma deducts our good fortune and virtues. Over-stocking on food and consumer products, leaving nothing for others, is selfishness. This will form many negative affinities, that will bring misfortunes upon yourself.

Singapore is a piece of blessed land. The Wuhan virus epidemic strikes us just as unexpectedly as SARS. However, its impact will be greater than SARS and there will be more diseases to come.

From 2019 to 2021, Singapore will have unfavourable annual luck. Internal and external pressures will be huge and the economy does not perform well. However, in the overall analysis of Singapore’s outlook, the Wuhan virus situation will not leave us in a famine. In fact, in the later stages, benefactors will appear to help us out of this.

Only thing is, it will be a long waiting time. We need to have patience.

In the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Human, this is what is stated in the Heaven and Earth luck aspects.

But when it comes to the Human luck aspect, my dear countrymen, this will call for you to remain calm. Please do not act out of rashness or fear and worsen the situation.

This may bring more misfortune upon yourself and your family.

We need to first understand that this pandemic arose out of the unrepentant hearts of humans, who have been driven by greed. As the human conscience deteriorates, it has dug the seeds of evil causes deep into the soil. Now that the sins have yielded bitter fruits, it is not possible for humans to control this outbreak easily.

Some people may point their fingers at the government for bad crisis management or scold the buyers and sellers of wildlife for being the culprits of all these trouble.

Fact is, this is the common karma of us humans.

What our naked eyes see is only the tip of the iceberg.

What we should face up to is the invisible force behind that is puppeteering this global crisis.

Behind every epidemic is a God of Plague who descends into this world with a mandate of the Heaven.

To my dear clients, please take note:

During your Bazi consultation, I would have explained to you the weak areas in your health. Please revise your notes.

If your Bazi has “affinity” with such illnesses, then you will “strike the lottery” easier compared to most people. Hence do not forget to utilise the methods I have taught you to strengthen your immunity system and luck prospects.

For my clients who engaged me in the year end of 2019 and early 2020, I would have resolved the annual Feng Shui afflictions in your home for 2020.

There are some of you whom I have painstakingly reminded to watch over the health of some family members in this Rat Year. I have also taught you how to resolve the health situation, especially the part on contracting strange illnesses. Please heed my advice, so that you would not regret later!

It requires some affinity to be infected with a certain virus.

If you do not wish to be favoured by the God of Plague, your personal aura of light must be very strong. He has a liking for those with dim auras.

Performing virtuous deeds will generate the light aura of good fortune. Reciting the Buddha’s name, sutras or mantras piously will have the Buddha’s light shining upon oneself.

If you also have good home Feng Shui and are in a prosperous luck cycle, then your face will naturally glow with light.

However, if you are going to sweep clean the supermarket shelves without sparing a thought for others, your greed and selfishness will only leave your future in a dismal state of darkness.

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