I never thought that one day, I would be taking a photo of myself with a deliverance blanket and then uploading it on my Facebook .

2 weeks ago, I calculated the luck cycle of an elderly offhand.

When I saw that the storage of grave had appeared in both his Bazi luck cycle and annual luck cycle, and it was not his favourable element, I knew that his days were numbered.

Even if he could survive past this month, the next 5 years still posed a danger.

I told the son of the elderly man about my calculations. He said the family were already prepared for the worst.

They were also considered a Buddhist family. I asked if they had helped the elderly man taken refuge, and if they needed a deliverance blanket

In my home, I had accumulated several pieces of deliverance blankets that were blessed by my Root Guru, Grandmaster Living Buddha Lian-Sheng.

Over the years, I had sent several blankets to the dying and the dead, at places like the mortuary, Singapore General Hospital, funeral parlour, funerals at HDB void decks and homes etc.

Among them were people who had committed suicide, contracted cancer, died due to old age. There were humans, as well as a domestic dog. Regardless whether they were my family, Dharma brothers or sisters, or complete strangers, I gave out my wishes of care and love all the same.

At funerals, we customarily give gifts of money to the grieving family, to help them out with the funeral expenses. But the help that we can give to the dead is limited.

This deliverance blanket is covered with Buddhist mantras, and it is very different from the ones that funeral undertakers can provide.

The deliverance blanket, after being blessed by my Grandmaster, has the powers of Buddha surrounding it. The energies on it are extraordinary. It illuminates the spirit of the dead with a shield of protection, eradicates his/her karmic obstacles and sins, and prevents the dead from being harassed by his/her karmic creditors of past lifetimes and demonic obstacles. The deliverance blanket I gift also carries my sincere farewell wishes, to assist the dead on his/her smooth journey to the Western Paradise.

After almost a month of ordeal, just as winter had arrived, three days ago after his dinner, the elderly man passed away in the hospital.

When I heard of the news after midnight, I couldn’t help but sighed.

Towards my clients, I do not mince my words. After all, didn’t they engage me, so that they can hear my honest words?

But towards others, I am often hesitant to speak. Frankly, this is really unbecoming of someone who is capable of bigger things. I will be thinking when nobody is asking, isn’t it strange that I just ramble on? Wouldn’t people find me nosy or think I’m cursing them?

Shifu often reproaches me on that. He says I have a mouth so that I can communicate. If the communication was not done properly, then it is on my onus to communicate till the message gets through. When what ought to be said is not said, what is the use of me having a mouth to speak?

Two months ago, I analysed the destiny of a lady who was almost 70 years old. She asked me when she would leave this world.

I hesitated momentarily. Generally speaking, I do not predict the death date of a client. Because not every person is able to view death with an open mind. If the client’s family cannot get over it, and come looking for me, then I am just inviting trouble for myself.

So should I help or not help…

Within the blink of an eye, I regained my composure and told her what she wished to know. I also added that because impermanence was swift, she should wholeheartedly pursue the Dharma, take refuge in a wise and accomplished master sooner, and quickly repent for her past misdeeds. Only then will she have the opportunity to die a peaceful death.

In 2006, I was inexperienced and did not have enough faith in my Shifu. I misunderstood the last call my grandma made to me, and painfully missed accompanying her in the final moment before her death.

I tell myself that I must train myself intensively to acquire mastery. When the time comes for my parents to depart from this world, I want to be able to calculate to a precision, so that I would not repeat my mistake.

If conditions permit, I wish for them to die in the comfort of their home, instead of being in a sterile alien environment that they dislike. This will greatly facilitate us to carry out the practice of “The Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State”, and recital, to assist my parents to be reborn in the Pureland.

In my line of work, clients will often ask me how they should plan their lives to achieve success in the shortest time.

The answer is simple.

How you wish to die should be the guideline for how you should plan your life.

You must know, no matter how much money and treasures you have, you will never be able to bribe the God of Death. The layman is unable to know when he will die, how he will die, where he will die, why he will die and who will be with him as he dies.

While Chinese Metaphysics can transform your destiny, nothing beats the Dharma when it comes to formulating your own destiny.

If you really wish to have a grip on your destiny, you must know Death, and learn how to help yourself and your loved ones to accomplish the most important matter in their lives gloriously.

Such a life, to me, is true success.

Unfortunately, mortals are enamoured with love and play, and the pursuit of fame and money. They think that by living life up, they are being worthy to their lives. This short-sightedness is the downfall of many people, leading them to commit many serious karmic misdeeds and be trapped in endless reincarnation.

If your death can set free your soul from your human shell, rid you of the many constraints of this smelly meat bag, and with the deliverance of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, you get to be reborn in the Pureland, then your demise should not be a mourning ceremony, but a celebratory festive event. For you no longer have to suffer the many tribulations of reincarnation. Your family should be joyous that you have finally ended your sufferings and achieved bliss.

We are all people who have died before, but have, overtime, forgotten the experience of dying and coupled with our attachments to this world of form, many of us deeply fear death.

In the Hindu ancient text, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the bondage to rebirth was clearly explained:

“A man acteth according to the desires to which he clingeth. After death he goeth to the next world bearing in his mind the subtle impressions of his deeds; and, after reaping there the harvest of his deeds, he returneth again to this world of action. Thus he who hath desire continueth subject to rebirth.”

The Katha Upanishad succinctly revealed the way to freedom from rebirth:

“He who lacketh discrimination, whose mind is unsteady, and whose heart is impure, never reacheth the goal, but is born again and again. But he who hath discrimination, whose mind is steady and whose heart is pure, reacheth the goal and, having reached it, is born no more.”

No matter who you are, you will eventually be reduced to a grain of dust. Why are you making your life difficult by denying yourself the freedom from rebirth?


From me to you #6:

“Cross the Ocean of Life and Death” consists of Chinese articles extracted from Living Buddha Lian-Sheng’s 163rd book. Through His own experience from nearly dying, Living Buddha Lian-Sheng clearly explained the various scenarios we see as we die. He teaches us how to recognise the bright light of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas during our intermediate state, how to extinguish the illusions that arise, how to recite the name of the Buddha, how to guide the dying to let go of worldly attachments etc.

By reading this book, may you understand the importance of performing virtuous deeds and spiritual cultivation, so as to accumulate the resources to be reborn in the Western Paradise.

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