Sometimes in the still of the night, I will think of my past clients. I wonder how they are doing after our consultations. Did they follow my advice or are they still adamant in their ways? Are they leading a happier life, being in all parts of the world?

I did a Zoom consultation with this lady living in a foreign land, back in June 2020.

Two months ago, she left a comment under my YouTube video, generously sharing her heartbreak experience.

I spoke about why some people do not have a smooth love path in this video:

Few years ago, a once-famous male singer died due to cancer at old age.

He was supposed to be reincarnated as a beautiful woman in his next rebirth.

Sounds like a very fortunate thing to be reborn as a beautiful woman, isn’t it?

Fact is, it means the person has more negative karma to be reborn as a woman. There are very intricate karmic retribution links behind that face of beauty.

He was to take the form of a beautiful woman because he had to repay the debts of romance he incurred when he was a man.

“She” would have many boyfriends. And to each and every man, “she” would repay what “she” once owed.

This male singer also committed many gambling sins when he was alive. However, he has one virtue. He has strong faith in the Jade Pond Golden Mother, at Cao Tun Tsu Huei Temple.

And Golden Mother happens to be the principle deity that my Grandmaster has attained yogic union with. An incredible affinity thus unfolded.

That year, not long after the death of the male singer, my Grandmaster, Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, presided over the Amoghapasha Lokeshvara Fire Offering bardo deliverance ceremony, held at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple in Cao Tun.

Jade Pond Golden Mother of Tsu Huei Temple lead the deceased male singer to the throne, where my Grandmaster sat.

The grey spirit of the male singer bowed on the ground, seeking deliverance from my Grandmaster.

Thus, his soul was brought into the raging flames. The black cloud of his negative karma was thoroughly burnt by the Samadhi fire. He was reborn in the Pureland, cleansed and purified.

This chapter was in my Grandmaster’s book 241 Sacred Encounters with Deities, named The Burning Lotus in The Fire

This is why I think it’s important that we read more books on karma stories. It will increase our wisdom and help us avoid many misfortunes and afflictions. You will think twice before giving in to temptations.

If you already know that your love life this lifetime is rather rocky, I suggest that you cultivate and dedicate merits to your karmic creditors. You can also register for bardo deliverance and do good deeds in their names.

When you fill up the form, you can write their name as the karmic creditors of XXX (your full name).

To repay in this life what we owe from last life is the unalterable principle of this world.

In repaying love debts, some people lose both their wealth and bodies, while others pay for it with their youth and families.

Through Dharma practices, we can resolve these karmic entanglements with repentance and merits.

But all must be done in time!

Kao Ling-feng was able to be liberated from Samsara, when he was in a bardo form, because of his strong faith in Jade Pond Golden Mother.

My client may have been scammed of her money, but she did not lose herself to the cheater, because she believes in the precepts laid down by Buddha. How fortunate is that!

When a person is willing to abide by one precept, there will be one God of Precepts to watch over him/her. When all five precepts are observed, the cultivator will have 5 Dharma Protectors protecting him/her. This will help avoid many possible disasters.

One must have faith to enter the great ocean of Dharma. The power of your faith can achieve countless merits and is the key to transforming your Destiny!

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