That day after my last 2019 Feng Shui audit, the client gave me this red packet. She had seen me thrice, and observed that I wore this peacock brooch every time. So she specially gave me this red packet with a peacock motif.

How adorable of her.

This brooch of mine is no ordinary peacock. It is the throne of Mahamayuri, bought by Shifu at Taipei’s Zhong Guan Hall. He said, we are bound to meet people from all walks of life in our work, and in the homes we do Feng Shui audits for, the energies can be very clashing to our bodies. So I must protect myself well, to benefit both myself and my clients.

This brooch is also personally consecrated and blessed by my Grandmaster, Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, at the Mahamayuri Homa Ceremony.

My Grandmaster expounded:
Mahamayuri represents three Buddhas –

Mahamayuri is the sambhogakaya of Shakyamuni Buddha because in one of his previous lives, Shakyamuni reincarnated as the Peacock King.

Mahamayuri is the nirmanakaya of Amitabha Buddha. According to the Amitabha Sutra, there are jivajivakas, peacocks, parrots, and kalavinkas in the Western Pure Land.

The peacocks are the nirmanakaya of Amitabha Buddha.

Mahamayuri’s appearance is one and the same as Mahavairocana’s, very dignified. The Mahavairocana crown that Mahamayuri wears signifies Her origin is Mahavairocana and that She is the nisyandakaya of Mahavairocana.

Because Mahamayuri embodies the integrated Dharma power of these three Buddhas, She is even able to change predestined karma, which otherwise would be impossible to avoid. Therefore, Her power is enormous and infinite. (information from

The peacock is able to eat poison, and has no fear of posionous animals like centipedes, snakes and scorpions. In fact, the more poison it eats, the more beautiful its feathers become, and its body will radiate with light.

Because it’s the wishes of Shifu, I have been wearing this brooch ever since my debut. Every time I see a client, I wear it to increase my ability to bestow blessings on the client.

Reading about the recent Wuhan virus, I was reminded of 2003 when SARS hit Singapore.

I was still in SQ as a flight stewardess at that time. Every day when I read the papers or watch the news, it would be about how many had died from SARS, and how many are infected.

It was depressing.

When I went for my flights, I worried if I would be the next infected one. What if I became like that ex-flight attendant who brought SARS into Singapore, killing some of her family?

My work luck had always been good. During the SARS period, SQ cancelled many flights, but I was still flying everywhere and even got called up for a Paris flight while on standby. My salary didn’t went down at all. *don’t know whether to cry or to laugh…

The killing sins of sentient beings are too many and have went overboard, hence in the past decades, there are many new strains of diseases that originated from animals, spreading to humans. This is the retribution of humans.

I advise everybody not to be greedy. The usual meat consumption of poultry, fishes and other farm-bred livestock are already sufficient. Do not eat wildlife out of silly curiosity or nonsensical adventures.

Greedy people never come to a good end.

In Chinese Metaphysics, bats are like rats. So if this Wuhan virus indeed originated from bats and rat-like animals, due to clashes with the Metal Rat year, the damage from this virus will be devastating. Let me tell you this, even if it gets contained, there will be another super virus very soon.

Feng Shui wise, do not place medication (TCM or Western, supplements too) on visible table tops or cabinet tops, out of convenience. Keep the medication inside the cabinets or drawers, for this will prevent frequent sickness in the family.

You would have read from the news the basic precautions you should abide by. Please take note and do it. It is kindness when you protect yourself so as to protect others.

To my Dharma brothers and sisters of True Buddha school, we are more fortunate than the common man in the street, as we have the protection of Amitabha Buddha.

Please do not neglect the Armour Protection mantra and demarcation.

Out of compassion, our Grandmaster had transmitted many Dharma practices for us to seek empowerment and cultivate, from the Root Guru Mantra, Golden Mother Mantra, High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, the Great Relief from Calamities Mantra, to the Mahamayuri Mantra etc.

With good lifestyle habits, we will be take good visible and invisible prevention measures against this virus, and herald in good fortune from the Spring season.

We Chinese do not say dampening words during Chinese New Year, but we must first evade danger before we can receive auspiciousness.

So when I audit Feng Shui, I always negate the clashing energies for my client, and then activate the good ones. For a Bazi, similarly I will first resolve the client’s problems, before teaching the client how to open up his/her own door of good fortune.

I wish every one of you: peace and good health in this new year.

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