Let me introduce. This is my Master, Master Dai Hu.

He single-handedly transformed me, from an uncouth person with incoherent knowledge of Chinese Metaphysic and the Dharma to the teacher I am today, who can speak both subjects eloquently

He taught me the principles of life and patiently correct my flaws, always inculcating me with the right values.

He watched all my videos and read all my articles.

Not that he follows me on social media but because I would always send those to him. He sometimes find me bothersome, disrupting his peaceful cultivation. 😁

His skills in the Chinese Metaphysic are out of this world, solving the many complex problems of sentient beings. His attainment in Buddhism enables a complete transformation in people who interacted with him, from desolation to complete ease.

I would seek his advice for my every article and video because no one else can be as thorough in dissecting the contents and advising me how to make these contents more complete so as to inspire more people to change themselves for the better.

He often warns me about the temptation of money.

His selflessness, compassion and wisdom are qualities I aspire to attain.

Sometimes I get really busy. At other times, it is beyond my ability to help. This is when I will recommend my clients to look for Master Dai Hu.

I have a full peace of mind when he steps in to help my clients, more assured than if I am to serve them myself! 😄

The few recent times when I recommended my clients to seek out Master Dai Hu, some of them misunderstood that I was trying to push them away.

This is the seed of ignorance and naturally the blockade to a better destiny.

I am not one who likes to talk affinity because I believe that one creates his or her affinity.

But the problem lies in this: if you have no clarity on the blind spots in your perceptions and thoughts, and belittle the person who can help turn around your life, how can you ever treat yourself with kindness?

Master Dai Hu has published 2 books. He agreed readily to do so because I suggested to collate his articles on Facebook and published a book for donations to the inmates in the Singapore Prison. He forked out his own money to publish these books and donated many copies to Changi Prison.

The English translation in this book was done by my husband and I. A comic illustration soon followed because the Prison Officer gave feedback that a comic version would serve the inmates better. I still remembered the comic illustrator we hired from Taiwan telling us us that it was the many articles from Master Dai Hu that got her through a dark period of her life.

This was an unexpected “windfall”. I figured this is also to her good fortune. An illustrator from Taiwan gets to earn an income from drawing Master Dai Hu’s comic book, and at the same time, received spiritual consolation from his contents. On the other hand, the person to whom I personally recommended Master Dai Hu rejected me flat down.

The amount of fortunes in one’s life is, after all, a karmic imprint of his/her goodness and evilness.

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/masterdaihu/

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