In the darkest times of my life, Shifu has always been the beacon of light for me. I never thought that one day, I too can illuminate Shifu’s life. 😂

Before moving home recently, I managed to invite Shifu for a Feng Shui audit of my home.

There were no lights installed yet but because we were rushing to move in before Qing Ming, Shifu agreed to do the audit in the “moonlight”. It was his first time seeing Feng Shui in such circumstances. Took him almost 3 hours. Honestly speaking, it was really tiring for the eyes. #Shifuissopro

The Husband asked, “You could have done the audit yourself. Why did you still ask Shifu to do it for you?”

Silly question.

As I am improving, Shifu isn’t idling either. He too is advancing by leaps and bounds.

No one Feng Shui audit is exactly identical. Because the formation of every house unit varies, every family member has different Bazi, the problems faced and the aspirations they have are also not the same.

Hence, a responsible Feng Shui practitioner must have a thousand remedies een his knowledge bank to truly help sentient beings and not just walk the world with just a few solutions. The latter will bring more trouble to people.

As Shifu audits my home Feng Shui, it is also the best one for me to revise what I know and learn new techniques. Only a fool that does not wish to progress will give up the opportunity to learn.

I do not take advantage of Shifu. The ang pow we give him is according to his prevailing rates.

This is an investment. The value and reward in the help that Shifu gave me and to any one of his client far exceed the monetary amount in the red packet. #sureearnback

Some people say,
“Ji Qian, don’t mention your Shifu in your Facebook!”
“Other masters also do not say who their Teachers are!”
“This way, people will think that you are really something.”
“Or else this will hurt your personal branding.”

Do I look like a slave to riches and fame to you?

What others do is their personal choice. I have no interest to follow the herd.

If a person goes seek my Shifu, and Shifu is willing to meet him/her, I am genuinely happy for the person because I know full well how great Shifu’s abilities are.

We are here to serve the sentient beings and not to fight with each other. When we continuously improve, it is the good fortune of sentient beings.

Don’t worry. Humans will never run out of problems to solve, hence I will never be put out of job. 😄

Moreover, I can’t be taking on all the jobs by myself. That will spell a premature death for this Feng Shui practitioner.

In our line of work, clients move around like flowing water. But there is only one Shifu.

I will never be that kind of ingrate disciple.

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