He is my Shifu, Master Dai Hu.

Many years ago, when I was down to my last cent, Shifu gave me money to pay for my utilities. He made sure I could still live a normal life by providing me money for food, transport and CNY clothing.

I was depressed and broken. I didn’t wanted to get out of bed and just wanted to die in my sleep. It was Shifu who called everyday to encourage me and told me not to be a loser wimp.

Shifu is very strict towards his disciples. He would always correct even my tiniest mistake and mete out punishment to me. But he never give up on this foul-tempered disciple.

In March 2019, Shifu helped me to select this home I’m currently living in. He also took charge of my home Feng Shui, naturally. At that time he said, I would gain fame and wealth if I heeded his instructions.

I smiled weakly when I heard his words. Not because I did not believe him, but success is just too foggy to be seen by the eyes of a constant failure.

During 2020, my YouTube channel rose from 300 to 36000 subscribers.
In January 2021, my Facebook page follower count jumped from 3700 to 27000.

I had always been very hardworking. But diligence never guarantees success.

You notice me today, not just because I made the effort to be seen, but because I have a low-profile divine person behind me, and his name is Master Dai Hu.


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