Ooooh, consultations via video calls are FUN! 😃

I just concluded my very first video call for a Bazi analysis of a client in New Zealand.

I always prefer to meet in person, so either overseas clients come to Singapore to meet me or they pay for me to fly over.

But Chinese Metaphysics is always about being flexible and prepared for change, no matter how comfortable we may be in our current state. After all, as I-Ching states, the only constant is change.

Nothing lasts forever, be it good or bad.

Nobody progresses by staying put.

The coronavirus is spreading its wings, and I’m not going to stop my mission.

This client has been following my Facebook for several years.

When she approached me to analyse her Bazi, I agreed right away.

Years ago, I wrote a post on how Feng Shui practitioners must be able and willing to take over the negative karma of clients, hence many of us are Buddhist practitioners.

This lady PM me and offered to do a donation under my name, as she wished to send me some blessings. She asked me to choose a charity.

I kindly declined. Because I should take personal responsibility for my choices in life.

Now is my time to thank her with what I am competent at.

During the video call, I saw a part of her home. I told her that was a sign of leaking wealth. Money would be spent carelessly without knowing where it goes, and it gets harder to grow the family wealth.

The client nodded in agreement with my observation, and said this was indeed the current situation.

While this may not be a Feng Shui audit, I went ahead to tell her the way to resolve it.

Because I never forget who had shown kindness to me.

In February, I wrote a letter to my Grandmaster His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-Sheng to seek empowerment for the mantra of the Tara who saves from contagious diseases.

I received the reply a few weeks ago.

Interestingly, the letter ended with a short paragraph extracted from my Grandmaster’s book:

“In the treasury storage of many spiritual cultivators, lies many Dharma books of wisdom. They hold the wisdom in their hands.

There may not be much good fortune in their treasury storage. They just add shine of brilliance to the wisdom, so that all sentient beings can achieve accomplishments.

And their blessedness is freedom from worldly restraints.”

The husband read the letter and asked me panicking, “ Did you ask Grandmaster to grant you riches or something? He said you are not destined for wealth, is it? Why did the letter write that?”

“No! I never asked for anything, except the empowerment!”

But you know what?

This is all that I wish for till the end of my life. Nothing else will ever be worth my youth.

Onward to another 4-hour video call tomorrow!

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