When a client wishes to engage my Metaphysics services, my first request is a donation must be made to the client’s choice of charity or religious organization.

For Bazi consultation / Annual Luck Analysis:

  • Donation – $49 per person, per service

For on-site Feng Shui audit/ property selection from floorplan:

  • Donation – $108 per household

If you need Bazi reading and Feng Shui services, it would be $49 + $108.

If you want to get Bazi analysis done for you and e.g. your spouse, donation amount would be $49 + $49.

This is on top of my consultation fees the client would be paying.


Sure I do!

I did worry if that means a dip in my service take-up rate.

One potential Bazi client chided me for insisting on a donation, saying that this is not the way to help people.

Why Do I Still Do it?

I have seen too many clients who do not wish to do good after their own lives better. And to me, that defeats the purpose of providing the consultation.

For at the very core, Bazi is a reflection of our past life karma, both the good and the bad.

Knowing our Bazi is the first step to changing our lives.

But if we continue to engage in selfish or unvirtuous behaviour, one day, you will find that the good luck you are supposed to have will dissipate, as more and more obstacles tumble in to trip you.

I have seen so many cases like this, and it is heartbreaking.

I have also seen clients who did not get to implement the recommendations given, because their negative karma overwhelms them. Or they listen to well-intending family and friends who have zero expertise in these subject areas.

Hence, I have this in place to encourage my clients to always pay it forward first. Things will be much easier for them subsequently.

If you have not read this, The 4 Lessons of Liao Fan 了凡四訓 is a self-help classic from Ming Dynasty, that illustrates my point perfectly.

I leave it to my clients to decide which organisations they want to donate to.

Here’s a short list of the charities some of my clients have donated to:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Association
  • Children Cancer’s Foundation
  • Community Chest
  • Down Syndrome’s Association
  • Food Distribution for The Elderly and Underprivileged
  • Lions’ Home For The Elderly
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Public Free Clinic Society
  • Singapore Children’s Society

Every time they send in a donation receipt, my heart skipped a little beat.

I applaud my clients who are willing to take the first step to give, despite the difficult times they may be having in their lives right now.

There are clients who are already regular donors and ask whether they still need to do this donation.

Yes you need to do a separate donation, my friend. This will set you on the right foot to begin changing your life.
#為自身開運祈福 #sodontbargainwithme

I have taken the vow that I will use my skills and knowledge to lead people to do more good. If you can’t do this first thing I request of you, I would have failed in my vows. I am also highly skeptical that you would listen to my subsequent, potentially more difficult-to-implement recommendations.

You give not because you have.

You HAVE because you GIVE.

(Here’s a pic of the donation receipt from a client.)

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