One of my biggest accomplishments this year was helping a debt-ridden middle-aged client set up a second income stream.

He now brings in an extra low $10K+ per year for his family, with this second income of providing an online service.

I was so precise in my analysis, that I even told him which EXACT company I want him to write in to. There was only one choice suitable for him.

I sat down with him and went through the entire email, on how he should sell himself to his new client. Based on his Bazi elemental needs, I told him how to dress and what to bring to ace the interview.

It took me A LOT of pushing and nagging (2 weeks!). Because when a person is above 40 years old, he/she is very set in the way he/she does things.

He didn’t dare to write in and ask for a job, that was not listed on the media company’s website.

He thinks the job nature is too lowly for a highly-educated and qualified person like him.

He wasn’t keen in a new industry.

He said he didn’t have time.

He only wanted BIG MONEY.

He fretted that he would not have the energy to work on his pet project, if he took up the second job.

I told him, HELLO, look at where you are right now.

This is READY MONEY. I know you would be able to get it. The stars are in your favour. You only need to work a couple of hours or less, every night AT HOME with this. I am not asking you to give up your dreams.

Take the money, pay off your debts and work on your dreams AT THE SAME TIME. Your wife will be happier. Every month when the salary is banked into your account, you will be glad that you didn’t waste your nights away on social media but are actually making an income from it.

Since he wasn’t going to be on payroll, I told him to reframe his thinking as providing a service, and BAM! That means he becomes an entrepreneur, who makes profit right from the start providing a simple yet much-needed service, discounting his home WiFi bill.

The fact that it wasn’t advertised doesn’t mean his service wasn’t needed. It can mean he faces zero competition and demonstrates initiative and perception in identifying that need for his “client”.

Yes, it’s “lowly”, but hey, it’s considered a highly-paid lowly job, and he will still have the brain space to work on his dreams!

The things I say to make my clients wake up…

Don’t say no to money when you need it, as long as it is an ethical way of earning it and other families are waiting for you to repay them.

Not every person has the destiny and abilities to make big money right from the start. Don’t be greedy.

There is nothing embarrassing about starting small. Especially when you don’t even need investment costs like most businesses.

Fast forward to now, the client told me it was very liberating serving a new industry and meeting people very different from him.

EXACTLY! To receive abundant wealth from all sources, you need an open mind to match up to it. Don’t be an old man in the way you live your life. Money can come from all sources!

Gosh, I’m feeling so tired just recalling all these persuasion I had done to convince him to try. It almost felt the same as me nagging at my husband. (Darling, why are you not looking at the lens again?)

Dear client, if you’re reading this, please buy me a nice chocolate log cake to pay me for all the extra hours of nagging. This is WAY beyond my usual scope of Bazi analysis man…

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