I have ten years of intermittent teaching experience, from primary school level to secondary school level.

I have also learnt Chinese Metaphysics for over 15 years.

In my family, before the age of ten, almost every child would have acquired a lot of life skills. Even the girls in our family are especially independent.

Because of these myriad experiences, I have my unique insight on how to cultivate the potential of children.

I see everyone as a Buddha, thus having infinite potential. The same goes for children.

Yet ironically, sometimes parents, the people who proclaimed the loudest that they love their children, are the exact ones who tripped their children in Life.

They impose their limiting mindset on their children, disrupting the undiscovered potential of their children.

Why so?

Because the potential in the adults’ Bazi was also never unearthed by their parents, thus forming a vicious cycle. In the daily grind of juggling family and work, running around like a headless chicken, how will they have the patience and knowledge to do such seemingly thankless acts?
In the children’s Bazi I have analysed, some have autism, ADHD, listening or speech disabilities etc. Their learning process will understandably be more difficult than normal children.

Thus even before the child enters primary school, the parents would either face marriage disharmony or think that the child should just settle for any decent job in the future.

Born disabilities of this life are the fruits of our past-life karmic deeds, but this should not mark a death penalty in the child’s destiny this lifetime.

To get the child’s Bazi analysed and Feng Shui audited before age 6 can have enormous positive effects on the child’s learning path. Even better if before age 3.

The butterfly that breaks out of its cocoon on its own is able to take flight, but will be crippled when you cut the caterpillar’s cocoon with a scissors in the name of supposed true love.

Parents are the first teachers in a child’s life. If you do not know how to change your destiny, your child will bow down to Life easily.

If you love them, please let them know life does not have to be restricted to ABCD options. We can create our own XYZ choices.

Success has more than one definition.

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, I recommend you and your children to watch this inspirational China movie on challenging Chinese societal norms in parenting and education, Looking Up (銀河補習班), starring Deng Chao.

And think in depth, what should be the real meaning in having children?


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