During CNY this year, I did a divination for the luck of a family elder this year. Oh dear…
At that time, the elder jokingly asked, “You know how to see Feng Shui. Why do you never check mine for me?”
My reply, “You never believed in it, so why should I make the effort?”
Still, I advised the elder on the auspicious bed colour.
Sometime later, the elder grumbled, “Why did I not strike 4D after changing my bedsheet colour?”
My reply, “I chose that colour for your good health, not for you to strike the lottery.”
If a person, in his many past reincarnations, had never formed countless virtuous affinities with sentient beings and given greatly, he will never be able to win the money of the people.
Moreover, if his Bazi is not a millionaire Bazi, striking the lottery will attract a lot of foul luck, for his Bazi is unable to carry the weight of great fortune.
Previously, when my elder sought help from the hospital, the doctor only gave two options: surgery or painkillers.
The doctor was, however, unable to guarantee that the pain will not return after surgery. So my elder dragged on, but the pain increasingly became too excruciating for my elder to walk.
Thankfully, Heaven did not disappoint.
This early autumn, I unknowingly stumbled onto a very experienced doctor, who specialised in treating such ailments
I did some calculations based on whatever information I could find of that doctor, and concluded that he was suitable for my elder’s Bazi. Then I took the doctor’s photo to show my Shifu, Master Dai Hu. Shifu remarked that the doctor had the facial features of an Arhat, and possessed the virtues of a good doctor. With these conclusive results from Shifu, I went ahead to book the doctor from overseas.
After one month of weekly treatments, the pain of my elder subsided greatly.
The doctor asked, why the hospital did not recommend physiotherapy during the golden period when my elder was first diagnosed.
The family members looked at each other, all clueless. Everyone assumed a doctor from a big hospital would always know best, and the best option given then was surgery.
I said, because the hospital name and location were not favourable to my elder’s Bazi, thus there would be little chance of meeting a doctor who could treat my elder.
Later on, we pushed our elder to go for a full body check-up and the report unveiled more time bombs in my elder’s health. Sata’s doctor hurriedly booked an appointment with a hospital’s heart specialist for my elder.
This time round, I chose a hospital that was suitable for my elder’s Bazi.
My whole point of this story is… the health issues that my elder faces are all linked to obesity.
Yet one month ago, I had signed my elder for a slimming and nutrition courses. However, my elder enjoyed eating out too much with the friends, to follow the health coach’s advice.
My elder’s life slogan is, “I’m so old already! If I die, then just die lah!”
Words like that may sound carefree. Fact is, they are spoken from the seeds of foolishness.
Let me tell you this, your Bazi is not one that dies fast and easily. You will suffer for a prolonged period and may even end up bedridden, losing your freedom of mobility. Your children will have to spend money to get someone to look after you. And then you will know what it means to lose the dignity to live.
Also, my elder’s parents were bedridden for over ten years before they bade farewell to this world. So genetically speaking, one of the children is bound to follow suit.
Hasn’t it already started?
If a person has severe karma of sickness, he/she will not be able to die before this karma debt is repaid fully. You can choose not to believe, but not believing will not change your fate.
You say you can die now. Where do you think you can die and go to? To Hell or to the Six Realms of Reincarnation? Which realm do you think you qualify for? Are you sure you can be so lucky to be born in Singapore again?
What if you end up with the same destiny as this life? Would you still want it?
From the looks of my elder, an undesirable realm of reincarnation awaits.
So if you do not wish to live a life worse than this rebirth, please continue to live well so that I can help you.
To all my fans, if you have ailments that are bothering you, please examine your lifestyle and dietary habits. I recommend my nutritionist to those of you who needs one: https://youtu.be/aaYb5oBHgas
We must live healthily so that we can cultivate to make it to the Pureland. And we will not stop living till our goal is achieved! 😂

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