I have deep admiration for what my Grandmaster His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng expounded in a Guru Rinpoche Deity Practice group cultivation, on 7 Dec 2019:

“Life is like watching a movie. You laugh and cry with the movie. Sometimes you will be laughing, sometimes you will be crying, while sometimes you will be making noise.

After the movie ends, the movie remains a movie and you remain you. The you in you is completely free and at ease, and not affected by the movie. Just that at that time, you immersed yourself into the movie.

Life is of such. When we are alive, we have already assimilated ourselves into the movie.

The true Tathāgata wisdom is that you are an onlooker of this world, just like watching the movie. When the movie is over, your Buddha nature remains and is still pristine and pure. There is no filth and no purity. No dirt and no purity, hence there is nothing to gain in everything.”

What we should be serious about isn’t how much money we can rake in, how many children we can reproduce, or how great our marriage is but how you can return to your source of origin.

The mortal world is not a place to stay for long. Only those with karmic obstacles come to planet Earth, and get detained here by gravity.

It’s a flowery world with many temptations. People covet for fame, wealth and lust. You get nothing in the end, yet pay for it with your entire lifetime.

Your life is lived in vain over a wild goose chase.

(Poet of poem in photo: Master Dai Hu)

Temptations are
abound in this flowery world
Nine out of ten people
are unable to escape
If you truly wish
to be free from its binds
Observe the flowers briefly
and your heart shall not stay

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