The other afternoon, I spent 3 hours at a client’s home for a Feng Shui audit and also to speak the Dharma to the family, for I worried over their declining family luck.

For the 3 hours I was there, the teenage son spent almost all of it in his room, with the door closed, playing computer games.

I was told that was how he spent almost the entire school holidays.

It was strange to me that his parents would allow him to be like that.

Here’s a gentle reminder from me.

When a bedroom of a certain Feng Shui is matched with a child of a certain Bazi, the urge to play computer games will be irrepressible.

This is why understanding a child’s Bazi is just one part of the Destiny equation. The home Feng Shui plays a pivotal role in shaping the child’s potential and future too, for it can make up/worsen for what the child lacks in his/her Bazi.

Another thing is…

In the 5 Buddhist precepts, the number one precept is Abstain from Killing 不殺生.

This carries the heaviest sin.

Playing computer games that involves a lot of killing is akin to committing the sins of killing.

When the person who plays the game gets emotionally involved in the killing, his body and mind will have committed killing.

The Dharma also states that excessive playing of computer games with no contribution in the real world, will lead to one to being reincarnated as ants .

Reason being, they did not do useful things when they had the good fortune to be humans. So as ants, they are forced to be more diligent (and sociable).

The smaller an animal is, the heavier their negative karma is, hence the harder it is to be born again as humans to hear the Dharma and not get killed as animals.

Some people say that hey, playing computer games can also lead to big careers.

I say, don’t kid yourself. That only applies to some Bazi, not ALL Bazi.

It’s the same reason why not all of us can write very well even if we read a lot, much less write an international bestseller. Playing a computer game well and making a business to profit from it call for two different skillsets, mind capacities and naturally, different sets of luck.

Like those big guys in the internet marketing arena, I once spent some time to study their Bazi, facial features and personal history. Apart from their personal diligence and perseverance, it still boils down to the makings of their Bazi that lead to their success.

Loving a child doesn’t mean allowing him to squander his good fortune.

Otherwise, his good fortune may have run thin by the time he grows up. And that is one reason why some young adults have a sweet childhood but a rocky adulthood.

My advice to all parents: Sure, you can smother your child with everything that your money can afford.

In this age and time, we are all somewhat afraid that our child will rebel against us, distant themselves from us or worse, do a free-fall skydive from their bedroom window, leaving the parents in deep remorse.

But at the end of the day, plain loving our children with materialism will not buy them a better Destiny.

The seeds to a better fortune always lie in teaching your children how to sow the seeds when they are young, so that in their O.S., they will do it by default. Just like how we would automatically brush our teeth every morning.

The problem is…when the parents refuse to learn how to better their lives, with whatever excuse, then of course, by the theory of monkey see monkey do, it is rare that the child will be able to jump out of the Destiny DNA.

Because nobody teaches the child how it is possible.

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