This testimonial is from is a young female client whom I met face-to-face in last September, 2020. She came to work in Singapore alone and had to face a lot of challenges. It did not help that she had a more introverted personality.
Over the months, I had been receiving emails from clients who had consulted me a year ago. I find such testimonials especially meaningful, because they trusted me enough to use one year to implement my suggestions, diligently harvesting for a better future.
After I read this testimonial, my first sentiments were – Oh my Buddha! She saw me in September and only slowly changed in December? That’s too wish-washy!
Many of my clients had such similar issues too.
It’s strange how people behave like they are enemies with Lady Luck. They hee and haw when it comes to things that bestow them with good fortune, but flock like bees to honey when they see things that bring them bad luck.
Is youth not a valuable commodity anymore?
Overthinking and being slow to react is a mental karmic obstacle. Sometimes, such caution is inherited from our family upbringing, the environment we grow up on and the “kindly words” from our parents. Their intentions may be for the best of you, supposedly. But what works for them may not be the best path for your destiny.
To overcome this mindset karmic obstacle, we must be game to try things in Life. Even if you can only take one baby step at a time, you will be giving yourself the chance to experience.
This is also breaking away from the attachment to self.
Would you believe this? Many people claim to seek good fortune, but yet they cannot get used to being in good luck. This is because they have been in that streak of bad luck for so long that their minds have clammed up to everything else.
It has been one year since I saw this client. Looking at the photo in the news report, she has indeed blossomed and obviously in better luck than before.
I am happy to see her breakthrough for I know how difficult it is for her to do all these. A round of applause! 👏 👏👏
This is a part of my email reply to her:
To receive success, one must first put in effort. If you are spent but receive the fruits of your labour, then it is all worth it. A person with no burden is in the most ideal state for battle.
Good luck is time-bound, so hold tight and don’t let it slip away with regrets.
I love to work behind the scenes more than being in the spotlight. But my fortune dictates that I put myself out in the public. The Dharma is meant to benefit sentient beings. Only with deep affinity with them, do I have the chance to bring the Dharma to them. Since the media report is motivational in nature, don’t be narrow-minded to care about yourself, and give up forming affinity with the masses.
Without planting the seeds of virtues, how would you enjoy the blooms of positive Peach Blossom luck?
You don’t have to working in a religious organisation, in order to benefit sentient beings.
A narrow mind will not yield any fruit of Dharma cultivation.
I often receive questions from my clients and viewers on how to have better Peach Blossom luck. A reminder to all: don’t be so obsessed with any particular Dharma practice or auspicious ornaments, that you neglect the practical work of virtues.
You strongly reject the chance to form affinity with the masses but enthusiastically spend money buying ornaments and chase after Dharma practices to boost your Peach Blossom luck. This is delusional.
And it is true that the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra has the power to respond to all your pleas. The client has taken refuge in the same Grandmaster as mine, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-Sheng. That means she has 16-36 Dharma Protectors by her side 24/7. The lineage blessings from Grandmaster Lu will greatly help her recitation
If you have a wish to fulfil, please recite it diligently and take refuge early!
Most Powerful Sutra to Transform Destiny?:
High King Avalokitesvara Sutra (complete version):

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